Saturday, January 23, 2010

More of being inspired...

Here are some more inspirational images that will (hopefully) lend to the re-design of my corner of the internets. My very talented boyfriend is hard at work trying to form a cohesive design based on my tastes, the images I've collected, and the fact that I have ideas but do not know how to express them in a designer's verbiage.

Lately I'm pathetically obsessed with pop-culture from the years 1968-1980. Is it a phase all twentysomethings must go through? Are our interests and likes a product of our own cultural zeitgeist? But then again I've always loved Warhol (had a print of his when I was 12) and the first pin I ever purchased for my backpack way back in high school (I had a Dickies brand messenger back in 10th grade that ended up covered in pins and patches--so rebellious and outspoken was I at the age of 15!) was the image of Debbie Harry seen above. I wonder wonder wonder why the past appeals ot me so much when I'm trying to cement myself in the future?

"Bat your eyes girls,
be otherworldly,
count your blessings,
seduce a stranger."

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