Monday, February 8, 2010


Lots of things come in threes, or so they say (who "they" are is subject to much speculation and, sometimes, suspicion). Deaths, births, good things, bad things, numbers, signals, signs, yaddas . . . Everything comes in a set. One, two, three.

Here are some threes for me.

Three Things Non-Football Related I learned From The Super Bowl:
1. Dan Marino needs to lay off the spray tan.
2. Charles Barkley needs to lay off the damn $5 Dollar Boxes.
3. Betty White makes everything funnier by sheer presence alone.

Three Movies I watched Recently:
1. Julie and Julia
2. Smokin' Aces
3. Summer of Sam

Three Words to Describe Those Movies Listed Above (in order):
1. Sweet
2. Rushed
3. Cocaine

Three Things I'm Currently Obsessed With (or still obsessed with):
1. The idea of a cultural snapshot of America: New York City in 1977.
2. Brecken Meyer's adorable everything.
3. Boddington's in a glass.

Three Things I Bought At The Grocery Store Today:
1. Bananas
2. Ramen (chicken flavored)
3. Nonfat milk

Three Reasons Why I'm in Love:
1. Wrestling matches that turn into tickle fights that turn into sex that turn into tickle fights.
2. Morning coffee and The Daily Show reruns on hulu.
3. The ability to casually make fun of others without having to exchange words or gestures, only glances (see also: "relationship telepathy").

Three Songs I Keep Listening to Again and Again:
1. "What I Am [cover]" - Emma Bunton
2. "Machine Gun" - Portishead
3. "Hard to Live in The City" - Albert Hammond Jr.

Three New Facts About Me:
1. I quit my retail job last week.
2. I have to dress up for work now!
3. I paid a traffic ticket I never should've gotten in the first place.

Three Old Facts About Me That Loosely Relate to the Three New Facts About Me:
1. I'm in love with learning about, reading about, hearing about, talking about, and experiencing new music.
2. I really hate to iron.
3. I'm so broke it hurts.

Three Things That Happened at The Gay Bar on Saturday:
1. Some guy asked me if he could cut my hair.
2. I ran into someone whose name I remembered, but that was all. This person then proceeded to recite my life story, vital stats, and employment history like a damned personal Wikipedia. It made me feel terrible.
3. People fell down.

Three Short-Term Goals:
1. Get back to every-other-day blogging.
2. Complete a regular push-up regiment.
3. Get my oil changed.

See? Like I and also "they" said: Lots of things come in threes. Would this have been more insightful if I'd done lists that totaled in a number evenly divisible by three? Or is it more insightful that I thought of this after the fact? I'll have to mull that one around for a bit.

"Well I went to bed in Memphis,
And I woke up in Hollywood.
I got a quarter
in my pocket
And I'd call you if I could ."

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