Friday, December 26, 2008

Answer, Acceptance, Adage

I wrote an e-mail to my professor of Poetry asking what the last two grades on assignments I got were (thus explaining the grade of a C that I received in the course). He promptly responded by saying that I did well on the course's final project, but that my paper was "another matter entirely." Since we only turned in 5 things in the course total, having one really low grade dragged me down. Hard.

So, there it is. Should I have tried harder? Perhaps. I could come up with a dozen excuses as to why it turned out poorly. I had five or six things due the week of exams, a 30 hour work week, graduation preparation, bills, bills, bills . . . But the truth is excuses fizzle out when you let them fly on their own.

I don't have any excuses as to why I didn't do my best on the final paper in the course, but I knew the whole time when I was writing it that it just wasn't the best I had to offer. I relied on some outdated sources, and I did the minimal amount of work . . . I suppose I did gave it that average amount of work. It certainly wasn't my best, and not even something I'd brag about to friends. The topic was my strongest point, but even from the get-go I thought "wow, this is kind of weak." After really giving it some thought the grade feels justified to me. So out of respect for the professor and for myself, I'm not going to challenge the grade at all. I'm just going to accept it. Time to put that little bit of unhappiness to bed.

Over Christmas my mom told me something I found appropriate and encouraging: "You got a C in a class. But you also graduated from college." Short but sweet. Moms always know just how to make it better, don't they?

In news of glee and avarice, I got a Kodak EasyShare digital camera for Christmas this year. I'm no technophile-_As a matter of fact technology frightens me because I'm always afraid I'll break something. I don't have an iPod. I don't own my own personal computer (thank goodness that Josh uses and knows about all things Mac or this blog wouldn't even exist). I don't own a cool phone capable of sending e-mails or connecting to the internets. But I'm eager to learn about my new gift and eager to use it. I can handle a camera. Maybe.

This blog could probably use some pictures, yeah?

I hope that everyone had a good holiday, whatever your persuasion.

"Shell smashed, juices flowing,
Wings twitch, legs are going.
Don't get sentimental.
It always ends up drivel."

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