Monday, January 5, 2009

The search for meaning continues!

So I updated my resume the other day and realized that the bulk of it is student media work and retail positions. Is that how resumes are supposed to look when you're first starting out? I think I might post mine on here for feedback/constructive criticism. 

Right now things look a little sparse, but hopefully that will change. I've got a bit of work lined up with a regional newsletter called Diversity (I don't think they have a web site otherwise I would link to it where these little parentheses are) writing a column for the local GLBTA Community Organization Inland Oasis. Fair warning, the web site is under construction in several places as the organization is fairly new; its st
ill very well done and has a very clean and clear design.

I've also e-mailed my former professor of my Media/First Amendment Law course regarding some on-campus work for the media department. I'm not a student anymore, but I emphasized the fact that I'd be willing to do any clerical or teaching assistant work for absolutely free. The only thing I want is a bump on my resume.

I've registered on but I need to update the page when I have more time. Anyone know of any good Head Hunter web sites for fresh-out-of-college folks looking for a job?

In other news, this little picture has been circulating around the internet lately and I thought I'd share it with you all. Who doesn't love the furthering of viral yet hilarious material through mass circulation and hits on Google, right?
Courtesy of Brian Cronin's "Comics Should be Good!" Blog

Apparently this is an image that was slightly altered from an actual panel in a classic Batman comic . . . Though the original image's said comic is one of those "imaginary world" stories that were published again and again through the 1950s and 1960s in lieu of an actual, in-continuity story that would have lasting repercussions on a fictional character.

Wish I'd seen this around the holidays so I could engage in the funny as well!

Been watching a ton of 'The West Wing' lately. Man, it's great television! I know, I know, Aaron Sorkin is a genius and an incredible writer and everyone already knows that . . . But as someone who is just now getting into it thanks to the 3-disks a month plan on Netflix and my friend Kim's DVD collection, can I say that the episode where Leo McGary testifies regarding a certain Presidential health issue seriously had me to the brink of tears?! I nominate his and President Bartlett's friendship as the BEST older fellow bromance of the decade. 

Have a good week, everyone. I get to work today despite the near-foot of snow outside. Alas.

"God Speed, all the bakers at dawn.
May they all cut their thumbs, 
and bleed into their buns until they melt away."

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