Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The future freaks me out.

I'm fighting a cold at present. I had 2 solid days where I felt just awful, and sadly one of those days I worked but luckily the next day I had off. Now the cold has settled into my chest and I'm feeling about 80% myself. The aches and pains aspect of having a cold along with the runny nose are all out the door, but unfortunately I'm still coughing up a lung (and by lung I mean gross, oozy yellow stuff) every few minutes and I still feel listless. 

Time will tell if I can get better by this weekend, which promises to be fun times with a drag show on Saturday and a near-full day off on Sunday (back to back weekend days off--SHOCK!).

The drag shows in this town are a funny thing. Sometimes they remind me of the speakeasy style bars of the fifties and sixties where men and women had to sneak into dimly lit basement locations filled with smoke and probably more mustaches than you can shake a stick at (that's what she said). You might find prominent members of the community huddled around the bar area of a drag show all talking amongst themselves and stealing come hither glances at the younger set. You might also find doe-eyed college freshman unsure of their sexualities and both in awe of and aghast of this buffet of open expression the likes of which they might not have ever seen before. They dance with, hold hands with, and kiss people they never thought they would've kissed for the first time. The shows are also a breeding ground for gossip, and rumor, and unfortunate social missteps that can turn into the aforementioned ugliness. Who shows up with whom, who dances with whom, who lets someone buy their drinks . . . It's all up for scrutiny.

[side-bar: As I type this my cat, not satisfied with the recent trip to the litter-box she's just taken, has turned around to go back in it not to do her business, but to sufficiently bury it yet again. Weird.]

Anyway, I like going to the drag shows because I can get hammered, and usually a mild flirtation with someone will get me hammered. Shallow perhaps, but conversations have led to friendships with some people I've met there, and hey if there's a rum and Coke in it for me who am I to complain?

Last night Josh and I watched Futurama: Bender's Big Score and it was actually pretty hilarious and a really great follow-up to the series. I recommend it for anyone who loves the show or anyone who found it even mildly amusing when it was one, because it actually manages to be funny and touching, and there's a narwhale in it.

I have to work for a few hours today, weirdly. When you're not in school and you work a job that's in a college town, you sort of, to borrow a phrase from Futurama's Bender, "get boned" in terms of scheduling. Que cera, cera.

"Somewhere I have heard this before;
In a dream my memory has stored
As defense I'm neutered and spayed.
What the hell am I trying to say?"

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