Thursday, January 8, 2009

Not a rant.

The meeting with Kathy went well; apparently if I can gather enough content we can actually have a full page in the Diversity newsletter if we want, and after speaking with some of the Inland Oasis organization's members this seems to be the plan. I'm meeting with one of their board members, Chris, today to get some information for the column itself which will be a summary of what the organization did for World AIDS Day. If Diversity wants it, I'll flesh out a column and put together some information for a few graphics (a World AIDS Day stats box, for example)

No word back from Dinah, my old law professor, but if I'm right most staff won't be back on campus until today and tomorrow. It's all about the waiting game right now.

In regional news today, anybody out there hear about this? How disgusting man's injustice to his fellow man can be. I really, really hope that nobody gets hurt over there and that the local area police and the FBI resolve the matter quickly. I don't care what your lifestyle, religion, beliefs and values, or background are . . . Nobody deserves to be threatened or frightened for their lives because of the threat of violence. If I write too much more about it I'll rant, and I don't want to rant because I've only had one cup of coffee thus far today and to give a good rant I need at least 2-3 cups total.

Today marks the third technical day off in a row for me, and I'm going a little stir crazy. I was supposed to only have 2 days off in a row, which is awesome and gives me a chance to do all sorts of errands and fun stuff, but it's changed to three days in a row which is mildly unbearable. Thanks to the awful Winter weather three days ago my work had to shut down along with the rest of the mall. Now luckily the company pays us normal wages for the day when we need to do an emergency store closure, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm seriously bouncing off the walls in this apartment. I'd love to go outside, but the weather is like the song says: "Frightful." 

And I think that my cat isn't enjoying all this company that much . . . She seems disappointed if I leave to go run an errand and then come back, as if to say in the prim and proper English accent I imagine her having: "You were only gone for twenty minutes . . . You should at least be gone for 8 hours! I need a great deal of me time!" Well you shouldn't be so damned fluffy and fun to annoy then, feline friend o' mine.

I played around with my camera a little bit, as promised, and got the Mac all synced up with it (iPhoto is an incredibly easy-to-use program, by the way). Here are a few things from a few days ago:

Lucy wondering why she can't go, too.

Part of a neat candle holder I bought in Seattle.

Yours, truly.

Maybe I'll post some more later. 

By the way, Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! They were married 20 years ago today, and although I'm incredibly proud of them. I think I might tell their story here at a later date (or maybe just later today if it continues to rain and hail and be blustery). It's a pretty good one. It involves living in a tepee on a campground for a while.

"I shoot my name up every vain.
You can't get hurt, you can't complain.
No feet, no hands, no tail, no lies:
He's got youth on his side."

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